Our Mission

To facilitate a reconnection to our innate vibrancy, through fuss-free nutritional solutions.


Formulated and crafted by Dr Cheryl Kam

MBBS (King's College London)
BSc (Imperial Business School)
Family Physician
Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Certified in Advanced Nutrient Therapy by the Walsh Institute, USA

Our guiding principle is to normalise the use of the highest grade supplements in their most bioavailable form, in doses that are effective and safe. 

The Sleep Lab formulas are created for the modern day human who already faces exposure to toxins in their everyday life, therefore our formulas are uncompromisingly made with zero additives and unnecessary preservatives in order not to accumulate further toxic burden to the body.

I fine tuned them over 17 years of clinical experience in nutritional and environmental medicine, conventional medicine and feedback from patients who are chemically sensitive, or on multiple medications trying to become drug free. 

We are delighted to bring our clinician formulated range to you, and have no doubt they will propel you towards your highest vibrancy!